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Make It : Felt Luggage Tag Tutorial

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I often have trouble identifying my luggage from the sea of similar nondescript bags that ride the belt at the airport’s baggage claim. Some passengers have strategies to make theirs stand out:  buy patterned luggage, wrap brightly-coloured straps around the bags, and even dangle ribbons or charms from the handles.  With a few trips on …

Make It : Gift Wrap Book Jacket Tutorial

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I am so excited for The Great Gatsby to come out in theatres, as it reminds me of these metallic and Art Deco-inspired bookcovers I love so much.   After spotting this Midori gift wrap, I knew I wanted to recreate a similar look with my own books. Materials you will need:  gift wrap, ruler, pen, cutting mat, exacto knife Steps: …

Make It : Plumbing Pipe Rack Tutorial

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My apartment was gifted with many things – exposed brick, a backyard garden, lovely neighbours – but a real closet was not one of them.  With a space about 2′ wide and 1′ deep, it’s more of a hiding place to stash things before people come over… I was so inspired by Marcie’s industrial-chic furniture and …

Make It : Spring Floral Shade

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As much as I like to wake up with the sun every morning, a bare window doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy.  My solution?  This couldn’t-be-simpler shade made with the prettiest Japanese paper. Materials you will need:  paper (mine is from The Paper Place), 3/16″ wooden dowel, nail-in wire fasteners (look in the electrical department …

Painted Wood Blocks Tutorial

Make It : Painted Wood Blocks Tutorial

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Today’s guest post was written by our talented friend Erin Jang: “My nephew, J, adores the NYC subway. His 5th birthday party is tomorrow, and here is something I made for him. I love to make my nephews special gifts for their birthdays. For J’s 3rd birthday, I made him a personalized subway map. For his …

Lunchbag Tutorial

Make It : Lunchbag Tutorial

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Today we have another post from our ever-crafty web producer Ashley Little: “I bring my lunch to work in a reusable container, stashed in my bag along with my wallet. Why is this a bad idea? Various things leak into my bag – salad dressings, mayonnaise, lemon juice – and wreak havoc on its contents. …

Woven Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Make It : Woven Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

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Today’s guest post was written by our crafty friend and freelance art director Sarah Goldschadt: “Then: Growing up my sister and I spent all our childhood summers visiting my dad and family in Denmark. We spent a lot of time at the summerhouse and made sure to always bring a few staples to the beach: the …

Fabric Printing Trials

Make It : Fabric Printing Trials

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Last weekend I went to the beach with dear friends I hadn’t seen for some time. I wanted to commemorate our trip with souvenirs and my first thought was to stamp shirts. Inspired by woodcuts and whales, I carved a rubber block with a linoleum cutter: But when it came time to print on fabric, …