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Celebrate : Valentines for all

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For the first year in quite some time, I’m not making Valentines for my kids to take to school (“no one does that in Middle School, Mom !”) … well, so then here are some anyway … for everyone I love (yes, even, or especially, those no longer Elementary School kids of mine). Happy Valentines …

On The Web : Valentine's Day Picks

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There are so many lovely Valentine’s Day cards, products and knick-knacks on the web right now. It’s really making me look forward to the 14th, so I thought a round-up was in order! Some hail from our favorite etsy shops and vendors and others are great new finds on the web. I’ve used etsy shop …

Make It : Photo Valentines

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In our February issue we  crafted with some of our favorite photos in order to add a personal touch to valentine gifts, cards and even a little decor.  These projects are quite easy to do.   We had a great time looking through our photos to find the right ones – I am sure you …

Around Town : Valentine's Day Inspiration

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February 1st is tomorrow! That said, Valentine’s Day is in the air. I walked by fancy New York flower shop Ovando and was struck by the fun, over-sized acetate hearts hanging in the windows. I love how they backed the pink acetate with a light bulb, I bet it looks so beautiful at night! It …

Around Town : Exploring the Sanibel Shell Fair: 75th Anniversary!

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All year I receive the same question from avid crafters and collectors; what can I do or make with all of the shells I have collected on my vacation? To answer your question, I would like to share with you some of the photos I took at the 75th year of the Sanibel Shell Fair …

A Sailor's Valentine

Photo Galleries : A Sailor's Valentine

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I may have only officially tied the knot this past October, but today, my husband and I are celebrating 10 years together. As cliche as it may be, Ashley did indeed sweep me off my feet on Valentine’s Day, so it is a special day for us. I made reservations about a month ago (it’s …

Last Minute Valentines

Make It : Last Minute Valentines

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Yikes- VALENTINE’S DAY IS TOMORROW!  Need to whip up some last minute tokens of everlasting love?  Or maybe just a little something to brighten up a friend’s day?  You’ll find everything you need in our Valentine’s Day clip art round-up from last week. Also, Ez from Creature Comforts has done her own downloadable Valentine round-up- …

Make It : Valentine treats for the whole class

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After many  years of Valentines for school friends (see some here and here) , this is our last time of Valentine treats for the whole class … my son is in 5th grade and will be starting Middle school next year. I know from my older son that there you for sure do not hand out …